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The Antipoet - We Play For Food - Rider
The Antipoet - We Play For Food




Paul - Wine must be Claret or at least a decent Merlot. None of your Tesco own muck. No Cheese!

Donna - Strict vegitarian with the emphasis in Strict!!

Ian - 

Anything, but Don't feed him red meat!

The Antipoet rider...


If you are considering booking The Antipoet for your event, but do not have the requisite funds to pay their going rate, please note that they are sometimes happy to play for food and/or favours.


In any case, to receive the best possible performance for your investment, it may be worth considering supplying the boys with certain consumable incentives whilst they are in your care. Dinner is always a good start, in which case it should be noted that; whilst Ian will eat pretty much anything you put in front of him, Paul is a right fussy bastard: a vegetarian who doesn't do cheese, pasta or anything with celery in it. Probably best just to bung him an egg sandwhich and a packet of crisps, making sure to check the label to see that they're veggie friendly! If in doubt, he'll be happy with chocolate or biscuits; just don't offer him coffee creams!



 If your budget won't stretch to lunch, then alcoholic beverages would be eagerly received.

As a bass player, Ian's requirements are as you would expect: lager in the winter and cider in the summer, but if you want to make sure that his 'correct note average' sits above the 80% mark, then a bottle of Southern Comfort would be the best guarentee.

Paul, on the other hand, does not get out of bed for less than a bottle of Merlot, but for best results, a nice Claret wouldn't go a miss. He won't soil his palette with ales, but is quite partial to a dark or a spiced rum. For optimum performance level, a bottle of Lamb's Navy Spiced, backstage will keep him on his toes.

It is also worth noting that the boys' manager/carer also has a list of requirements, which include dairy free vegetarian cuisine and a bottle of superior grade Rioja to keep her on your side.


Whatever your budget, a black coffee for Ian; an Earl Grey tea, black, with honey for Paul and another Earl Grey, but with soya milk for Donna, will be expected upon arrival.


The Antipoet's Sixth Album, We Play For Food, released in April 2017 is available on line from BANDCAMP and on CD in person at an Antipoet performance

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