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Most People Are Nice

1/Most People Are Nice

2/ We're Only Crafting

3/ Cosplay Copper

4/ You Look Like A Penis, Sir   

5/ The Woke Have Spoke

6/ The Port & Cigar Club Fund                   

7/ We Haven't Had A Summer              

8/ Mild Threat      

9/ A Little Bit Pervy             

10/ Where Are You Freddy

11/ Personal Space '20                      

12/ On The Otherside

13/ The Barman (Blyth Power)

Punk Uncle

1/ Does My Bass

2/ Lament For The Motorway Service's 'Good Ol' Mug A' Tea'

3/ Kids Today       

4/ They Don't Need It

5/ It's Not Guns That Kill People                    

6/ If It Hurts                      

7/ Smugness Incarnate      

8/ They've Got To Learn                

9/ The Pointless Princesses

10/ Punk Unkle                        

11/ Clever Bastards (Dury)

12/ Adam (Ant's) warmup

We Play For Food

1/ 'Gizza gig'

2/ We Play For Food                                            

3/ Flesh 'n' Blood        

4/ 'The Interview'

5/ Mrs Worthington                          

6/ Pointy Dancing                       

7/ 'Slammin'           

8/ Patent Pending                  

9/ Miss Adventure

10/ 'In the Nursery'                           

11/ You should have been there

12/ Bedside Manner

13/ 'Schoolrun Mums'

14/ An Awkward Moment

15/ Did you kick it with your toe Sir?

16/ 'The Scout'    

Review quotes for The Antipoet: 'We Play For Food' album...

 'Oh to be a virgin where exposure to The Antipoet is concerned!'

'Misunderstandings can occur, but they are poets {and} poetry needs them!'

'Part of their charm is the anarchic energy and commitment they bring to every gig. They are endlessly inventive; full of rhythm, joy and wit, delivering good-natured and/or righteous scorn and loads of big fun.''In a rational world they'd have their own telly programme.'


Dave Quaile for 'Lillabullero', April 2017.

The Bards of Bugger All

1/ In A Poetocracy                                                

2/ The Bards Of Bugger All           

3/ Sign of the times (Gimp Night) 

4/ Festivals; I Shit'em!                             

5/ The Gingerbeard Man                       

6/ Christian By Default

7/ We're Not Worthy            

8/ The Wrong Question                    

9/ To Kill or sue                              

10/ We Are The Warmup           

'Ere's One For The Kiddies

1/ 'Ere's One For The Kiddies

2/ Believe What Thou Wilt

3/ Dr Gig

4/ Nothing’s Immaterial

5/ Members Only

6/ Twentyfirst Century Boy

7/ I Do And So Does She

8/ Tipping Point

9/ Clean Underwear

10/ Everyone's A Critic

Random Words in a Random Order

1/ Donna Says

2/ Anyone We Know

3/ Sci-Fi Hands

4/ Champion The Underdog

5/ This'll Do

6/ Hypoctritcal Carnivore

7/ Reading Dogs

8/ Personal Space

9/ Twitter Ye Not

10/ Random Words in a Random Order

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