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Getting back out there...

Rickmansworth Festival, Lakefest, Blyth Power Ashes, Rebellion


Still locked down, ready for action!


Loads of festivals in 2019..... If only we could remember that far back....

Some Previous Gigs


The Antipoet are proud to announce we have been invited back to Larmer Tree Festival and will also be appearing at a whole host of festivals this summer including:- Blythe Power Ashes, Rickmansworth Festival, and many more. We'll also be recording 10th anniversary DVD on 22nd March for release later this year.


Quote - "Posted on June 27, 2017 by Glastonbury Festival Poetry & Words Blog

We opened with Antipoet, the two-man, kilt-adorned, madcap bunch of poetic punks who have possibly the hardest job of the weekend, opening each stage from scratch at the start of the day. The two mix music and poems, a double bass and

high heeled patent leather boots. They introduce the audience to the martial artist physiotherapist, where ‘the only thing that lets him down is his bedside manner…” they go on to describe the ‘light saber in mummy’s special drawer…little baby you know bullshit when you smell it cause you’ve so much to endure.” Somehow they manage to create a magic energy from scratch at the start of each day, and offer a kind of solace and call to arms: “There’s no money in performance poetry,’ they sing. “We’ll play for sex! We’ll play for food!”

‘Did they just say they’d play for sex?’ asked an audience member at the edge of tent behind me.  ‘Who wouldn’t?’ his companion replied.


The Antipoet are proud to announce we have been invited back to Glastonbury Festival Poetry & Words stage in 2015 will also be appearing at a whole host of festivals this summer including:- Blythe Power Ashes, Rickmansworth Festival, Yorky Fest, Stoney Stratford, the Edinburgh Fringe and many more. We'll also be recording 5th album later this year for release early in 2016


The Antipoet host and appear at Zone 7, Croxley Green with Rrrants.


The Antipoet are proud to anounce we will be appearing at a whole host of festivals this summer including:-

Glastonbury (Poetry & Words), Larmer Tree, Strawberry Fair (Cambridge), Waterside Festival (MK), Blythe Power Ashes, Crouch End Festival, Rickmansworth Festival, Stoney Live and many more


The AntiPoet stormed the stages of Glastonbury 2013


This summer, RRRANTS were delighted to annouce that The AntiPoet (Paul Eccentric and Ian Newman) had been booked to play none other than Glastonbury Festival 2013. The news was announced in April and was accompanied by a glowing review from the festival's official blogger, before they'd even made it to the stage!


"I screamed when I saw they were on too! Possible my favourite poetry act ever and the stage needs them!


My favourite poetry ‘band’, these two had adults streaming tears in laughter and kids all round me jumping from their seats chanting ‘Tights Not Stockings’, the last time I saw them at a live gig. My mum fancies them, my nan thinks they’re ‘a bit too rude’, my mates think they’re geniuses and I think their song ‘Random Words’ should be given out as medication to anyone who’s gone to too many naff poetry gigs. Serious ideas performed hilariously." - Hollie McNish, Glastonbury 2013 Official Blogger


Following their multiple performances across the weekend, The AnitPoet received yet more glowing reviews, including:

"We just want to say, The Antipoet are a dream to watch, check them out, very, very worthwhile"  - Poetry and Words, Glastonbury June 2013


A note from the boys themselves: The AntiPoet would like to thank all the lovely people, performers, staff and festival goers for making their first time out at Glastonbury utterly memorable and bloody brilliant to boot! Especially Helen, Helen's mum, Bohdan for the photos and Hollie for the blogging. Cheers!


We can't wait to see you all again this year.

07/01/2015    Dashwood Comendy    Dashwood arms
27/01/2015    Bardic Trials    Stoney Stratford
01/02/2015    Shenanigans    London
05/02/2015    Bang Said the Gun    The Roebuck
10/02/2015    Scribal Gathering    Stoney Stratford
20/02/2015    Hunt Sabateurs    Labour clucb, Nothampton
23/02/2015    FUBAR    The Pleasance, London
28/02/2015    FUBAR    The Pleasance, London
02/03/2015    Keystone    
11/03/2015    Friggers of Speech    
26/03/2015    Bus drivers prayer    Brick Lane
18/04/2015    Birthday Party    
16/05/2015    Yorkyfest    
16/05/2015    Rickmansworth Festival    
16/05/2015    Yorkyfest    Stoney Stratford
30/05/2015    Trestle Arts    St Albans
04/06/2015    Utter - Luton    
06/06/2015    The Crescent    St Albans
06/06/2015    Hemel Golf Club    Hemelhemstead
10/06/2015    Friggers of speech    Crouch End
20/06/2015    The Anglers Retreat    Tring
22/06/2015    Betsey Trotwood    
24/06/2015    Glastonbury    Grenpeace
25/06/2015    Glastonbury    The Banjo Stage
25/06/2015    Glastonbury    Henry's Beard
26/06/2015    Glastonbury    Poetry and Words
26/06/2015    Glastonbury    
26/06/2015    Glastonbury    Worthy FM
26/06/2015    Glastonbury    Henry's Beard
26/06/2015    Glastonbury    
27/06/2015    Glastonbury    Poetry and Words
27/06/2015    Glastonbury    
27/06/2015    Glastonbury    
27/06/2015    Glastonbury    Henry's Beard
27/06/2015    Glastonbury    Mavericks
28/06/2015    Glastonbury    Poetry and Words
01/07/2015    COCO    Croxley
04/07/2015    A Fete    Near Ricki
08/07/2015    The Boot    St Albans
16/07/2015    Larmer Tree    Lyrical Lostwood
17/07/2015    Larmer Tree    The Social
18/07/2015    Larmer Tree    Lyrical Lostwood
19/07/2015    Citidal Festival    Victoria Park - London
31/07/2015    Beer Festival    Aston clinton
02/08/2015    Bardic Picnic    Northampton
10/08/2015    Fringe    Edinburgh
11/08/2015    Fringe    Edinburgh
12/08/2015    Fringe    Edinburgh
13/08/2015    Fringe    Edinburgh
29/08/2015    Blythe Power Ashes    Tewksbury
09/09/2015    Open Mic    The Boot
13/09/2015    The Unorthadox Paradox    Ratlinghope
19/09/2015    Milton Keynes    Engagement Party
21/09/2015    Boogaloo    N6 5AT
03/10/2015    Trestle Arts    St Albans
13/10/2015    The Crown    Stoney Stratford
21/10/2015    Friggers of Speech    Findsbury Park
24/10/2015    Marshal Arts Awards    Telford
28/10/2015    Art Gallery    Hatfield Rd. SA.
31/10/2015    Trestle Arts    St Albans
01/11/2015    Birthday Party    The Garibaldi
10/11/2015    Hammer & Tougne    Oxford
15/11/2015    Recording    Mark's
25/11/2015    Open Mic    The Boot
28/11/2015    Christmas Lights    Stony Stratford
06/12/2015    Xmas Market    St Albans
17/12/2015    Coco Café    Croxley

19-Jul-14        Larmer Tree Festival         Salisbury

28-Jun-14        Glastonbury Festival         Pilton

08-Jun-14        139-141 Crouch Hill          London

07-Jun-14        Strawberry Fair              Cambridge

05-Jun-14        Queens Wood Cafe             Muswell Hill

20-May-14        Bar Des Arts                 Guildford

23-Mar-14        The Finsbury                 Finsbury Park

25-Feb-14        The Goat Inn                 St Albans

06-Feb-14        London Comedy Cafe           London

08-Dec-13        The Lexington                Islington

30-Oct-13        The Labour Club              Northampton

21-Jul-13        Larmer Tree Festival         Salisbury

20-Jul-13        Larmer Tree Festival         Salisbury

12-Jul-13        The Hub                      Aston Clinton

11-Jul-13        The B-bar                    Plymouth

04-Jul-13        Queens Wood Cafe             Muswell Hill

26-Jun-13        Hackney Attic                London

24-May-13        Concorde Club                Cranford

22-May-13        The Fitzroy Tavern           London

18-May-13        Rickmansworth Festival       Watford

10-Mar-13        The Finsbury                 Finsbury Park

16-Feb-13        Landmark Arts Centre         Teddington

12-Feb-13        The Crown                    Stony Stratford

11-Feb-13        The Green Note               Camden Town

22-Jan-13        The Cock Hotel               Stony Stratford

17-Dec-12        Boogaloo                     Highgate

25-Nov-12        The Pound Cabaret, The Kings Waterloo

10-Nov-12        Tristan Bates Theatre        Covent Garden

04-Oct-12        The Dogstar                  Brixton

08-Sep-12        Croxfest 2012                Croxley Green

26-Aug-12        The Pound Cabaret, The Kings Waterloo

22-Aug-12        The Olde Leather Bottle      Hemel Hempstead

18-Aug-12        Luton Aid, The Hat Factory   Luton

09-Aug-12        The Goat Inn                 St Albans

29-Jul-12        World Picnic                 Stony Stratford

13-Jul-12        Tea House Theatre            Vauxhall

16-Jun-12        Waterside Festival           Great Linford

04-Jun-12        Beechstock                   High Wycombe

02-Jun-12        The 100 Club                 Oxford Street

19-May-12        Rickmansworth Festival       Watford

01-May-12        Bar Des Arts                 Guildford

15-Apr-12        Priory Hall                  Much Wenlock


Getting back out there...

Rickmansworth Festival, Bestival, Blyth Power Ashes, 

Whitby Steampunk Weekend, Great Bridlington...

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