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The Antipoet - Lockdown Live & Beyond
The Antipoet - 2021 - Kids Today
The Antipoet - 2020
Rebellion 'on-line' set
The Antipoet - 2021
They've got to learn
The Antipoet - 2021
The Port and Cigar Club Fund
Does My Bass Look Big In This?
The Antipoet - 2021 - Mrs Worthington
The Antipoet - 2021 - Live
We Play For Food
Excerpt from the DVD accompanying the book.
Phil (Philfy Phil) Alexander
with his fabulous, never previously performed, or rehearsed, parady. 
 Providing a poetic account of the last ten years of
The Antipoet
Glastonbury 2017 - Poetocracy
Glastonbury 2017 - Bedside Manner
Glastonbury Festival 2017 - Poetry and Words
Glastonbury 2017 - Pointy Dancing
We Play For Food - Selfie Diary
The Antipoet - Gizza gig!
The Antipoet - The Interview
The Antipoet - Slammin'
The Antipoet - In The Nursery
The Antipoet - Schoolrun Mums
The Wrong Question
The Bards of Bugger All
Members Only / Believe what Thoo wilt
Glastonbury Festival 2015 - Full set
Christian By Default - Blyth Power Ashes
Save The Farm - Animal Antiks Appeal
Green Gathering 2016
Sign of The Times (Gimp Night)
Zombies on The common
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