October 7th was National Poetry Day.

we'd like to share our love of (IMHO) the best beat poet of all time, Mr Ian Dury with you our homage to the man himself. Taken from our album, Punk Uncle, please feel feel to download, share and enjoy The Antipoet's

version of Clever Bastards. 

The Antipoet have been busy in Lockdown recording a live 'Parental Guidance' version of this years show for Youtube. Click the Pic'. Also, Paul's written a 'Soon to be' Bestsellar 

The Periwinkle Perspective

 Check out the Theme Tune and interview with Athena Kugblenu

The Antipoet Lockdown Live

Punk Uncle

Digital release 22/7/19

Even more rare and exclusive than before, we will be out amongst you all Very soon. Until then, we'll do our bit to stay away from everyone and write about it!!


 Stay safe and see you soon. 


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Periwinkle Perspective.JPG
Periwinkle Perspective Cover.JPG
  • The Antipoet at The Surrey Steampunk Convivial, Epsom
    31 Oct, 17:40
    Stoneleigh, The Broadway Stoneleigh, Stoneleigh, Epsom KT17 2JA, UK
    The Surrey Steampunk Convivial is a gathering that includes a full weekend programme of features and entertainment that may include umbrella fencing, snail racing (subject to availability) tea duelling, talks, ostrich racing, all manner of splendidly silly games, workshops, and live performances

Does My BassLook Big In This

The story of the first ten years of The Antipoet, told in the inimitable style  of Paul Eccentric. Includes archive pictures, Comprehensive gig list.  Live launch night DVD and lyric sheet. So you can see what they should have said... 

Rebellion 2020.JPG

The Antipoet were booked for Rebellion 2020 and we're so proud to be included in the On-Line version of the show 

broadcast on 6th-9th August 2020 (Click left) 

 Thanks to everyone organising this alternative event and hope to see you in person next year.


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